One week home, plus a little

I’ve been home for just over a week.  I feel like I am falling  back into the scheme of things.

There are some things I miss that I knew I would miss… like the energy of Kolkata and being in the middle of a city.  I miss the IBMers as well and some of my ONergy officemates. 

On the flip side, I am THRILLED that I have heard from many of of my CSC and ONergy team over sametime, email and facebook.  Its great to get the latest updates on their lives (Thanks to those who reached out, in case you are reading this blog).

One pleasant surprise. I was really worried about fitting back into my job and my day-day life. Honestly, I was getting kind of frustrated by my work before I left.  Additionally, family errands seemed very hard to juggle. The surprise is that I am not feeling as stressed or overwhelmed or frustrated by things.  Maybe my CSC assignment gave me some resilience without me realizing it. Maybe its just that there is not as much going on at work yet.. (though familywise, this past week was slammed with team and scouting events.. more so than any other week in the past). We’ll see. But, I feel a lot more calm deep inside, which must be a good thing.

#ibmcsc india


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