Enroute to Jaipur: Fatehpur Sikri

Fatehpur Sikri is an abandoned city in between Jaipur and Agra. It was built by the Emperor Akbar and then abandoned about 10 years later. Its location is the site where a holy man predicted that Akbar would have a son. (He had been childless by his 3 wives before that). Akbar’s wives each followed a different religion: Hindu, Muslim, and Christian. As a result, the architecture at Fatephur Sikri is a mix of the 3 styles. Akbar also was creating a new religion, which was a mix of the 3 religions of his wives. 

The site is a UNESCO world heritage site and is very beautiful. Definately worth a visit.


Courtyard at Fatephur Sikri



Mosque at Fatephur Siki (with HUGE beehives hanging from the ceiling)

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