Happy Holi!

Holi is a national holiday in India. It is a celebration of spring.  Part of Holi is playing colors. What that means is that people have bags of brightly colored powder- neon greens, purples, reds, blues, teals, pink, almost any color you can imagine and then some. They then place that color on your face, or neck or arms, etc.  You become a human celebration of springtime.

We were a bit worried because we’d heard that people can be quite aggressive with colors. Kids put them into balloons and throw them at people. They also sell water guns to shoot colors at people. Some colors can be poisonous or irritating, especially the wet colors (ie those mixed into a liquid form).

Luckily, Sanjay found a nice family oriented Holi celebration for us at Golf Green.  We were able to watch some folk dancing, listen to some music and experience colors in a very calm way. Everyone was very gentle with us and asked us if they could place color on us. It was a very nice experience and very strange as well because we kept changing how we looked. One minute we’d be green and blue and the next someone would have coated our whole face red. It really changed the shape of our features.

People were quite enamored with our group of foreigners. We were interviewed by several TV stations and photographed by at least 50 people. We felt like celebrities.. and I can tell you that, its very exhausting to be constantly photographed by strangers.

Here is a picture of the 3 of us on the ONergy team (myself, Francis and Elsa) early in the colors  celebration. Image

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One thought on “Happy Holi!

  1. Pranali

    I envy you. Your post reminded me of my childhood days when we used to celebrate holi in the grandest way. But we always stayed away from those poisonous colors. My sister and I hated those. Your post took me back to those happy days. Lovely picture you posted. Can’t wait to hear more of your experiences when you return. Enjoy rest of your stay.


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