Bengali folk music performance

We were lucky enough to go to a Bengali folk music concert with Sudipta, our contact at ONergy. It was a group of Bauls and Fakirs. (Muslim and Hindu minstrels who sing together for peace). The music was great. Lots of percussion. The various band members would rotate who sang. Their voices were quite powerful and the concert was very energetic. 

It was put on by a very cool organization,  They have worked to teach young people the traditional music and culture of their villages.  A few years ago, the average age of the Bauls/Fakirs was 58. Today, its 28. The new cultural awakening has helped bring tourism and money to smaller villages and has led to improved sanitation, health, etc. Additionally, the younger people have stayed in their villages rather than move to the cities.


2 thoughts on “Bengali folk music performance

  1. Joann Ruvolo

    That’s an amazing example of cultural transformation – a 30 year reduction in average age in a few years.


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