A successful day at ONergy/SwitchON

Today, we ran a code of conduct workshop with the ONergy and SwitchON teams. The workshop has the team generate a list of positive behaviors that they feel are important and will help the team work together.  We were a bit concerned that this type of workshop would be too “touchy/feely” or that conversation would be stifled because not everyone can understand English, but it turned out quite well. Lots of discussion, lots of themes (repeated concepts), and lots of laughing. Vinay, one of the original founders and COO of ONergy, did a wonderful job translating, moderating and making sure everyone was heard. Claire, a fellow at SwitchON, did a great job helping us get things like a whiteboard, projector, pens (basically everything!) as well as helping us to adjust our presentation to be more easy to follow.


The ONergy and SwitchON teams with the final code of conduct

After the workshop, we printed a code of conduct diploma to be posted in each REC and main workarea at ONergy. Vinay handed them out and publicly shook each team leader’s hand. It was great to have that kind of reinforcement for the workshop. We ended the work day with samosas and chai. Yum!

#ibmcsc india


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