Touristy road trip: Sundarbans

Our entire CSC team (11 of us) took a road trip to the Sundarbans for the weekend. The Sundarbans is a large mangrove forest in West Bengal. The region is a tidal delta and home to bengal tigers and crocodiles (neither of which we saw).  We did see several animals and I promised my children that I would post them in my blog, so here goes:

  • dolphins
  • spotted deer
  • rhesus monkeys
  • mongoose
  • monitor lizard
  • kingfisher (bird, which is also a beer here btw)
  • myna bird
  • heron
  • egrets
  • sandpiper
  • mudskipper (fish on land)
  • blue and yellow crabs
  • red crabs
  • fiddler crabs
  • tiger footprints (ok, so not really an animal.. but I hadn’t seen them before, so kind of cool)

The trip was very relaxing, we spent 2 days on a boat going up and down the rivers there. Several team members brought along card games and a billiards type board game called Carrom  to keep us amused. Many brought snacks from home. Yum!

Some pictures from the trip (though lots of people took pictures with cameras with great zoom lenses, so I may be replacing these in a few days.. fingers crossed!)


Our boat


Red crabs and blue and yellow crab


Mama rhesus monkey


Baby rhesus monkey


Prawn fishermen

#Ibmcsc india


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