Columbian Jazz in Kolkata

Today, our partner (Sudipta from ONergy) took us to see a great jazz quartet from Columbia called The Oscar Acevedo Quartet.  One of their songs was particularly amazing,,, it sounded like a storm building up… no idea how they accomplished that with only the singer’s voice, drums, a piano and a contrabass, but they did.  I was particularly impressed with the contrabass player, he was able to make such a wide range of rhythms by moving his hands on the strings and tapping on the back of the instrument at times.

One humorous note, the concert was very near our hotel and near the US embassy. The area was pro-communist for a long time and did not really want a US embassy.. so they renamed the street that the embassy was on Ho Chin Minh.

Afterwards, we stayed with the Chinese theme and went to a Chinese restaurant.

A truly nice, relaxing evening.

#Ibmcsc india


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