Walking to work

We have been walking to work.
The trip  is quite indescribable, so I’ll try to include some pictures, though it still won’t do it justice.

The first thing you would notice as a tourist is that there are small stands everywhere, selling anything and everything.
We see people getting shaves and haircuts on the street each morning. You can also have someone iron your clothes or braid your hair.

The second thing you notice is the dogs. There are lots and lots of dogs sleeping on the streets. But most of them look relatively clean and decently fed.
Some are owned by the vendors, some are owned by the homeless and some are just alone. These dogs do not bark during the day. They mostly lie around and sleep. If they are awake, they ignore us, which surprised me.

We also see:
— Clusters of  vendors sitting on the ground surrounded by large round baskets full of fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers. They wrap up their produce in large burlap bags and then place it out again when people begin their commute home.
— We see established store fronts: selling sarees, purses, bags of snacks, sweet shops, warm food, etc.
— Hot food vendors selling chai tea, or samoas or other hot dishes that they cook up right in front of you. Their food smells wonderful, but we have been warned not to buy it (sigh).
– Small dhabas (local restaurants, often not quite as wide as a closet in the US) and larger restaurants with air conditioning and tables.
– Security guards at ATMs
– Beautiful mosaics (tip .. that means a metro station)
– Flowery shrines
– A sikh temple
and lots and lots of taxis and other traffic

Chai tea cups

Chai tea cups

Flower vendors

Sikh Temple

Sikh Temple

Small shrine

Small shrine (turn your head sideways for some reason it won’t load the right way)


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