Touristy Weekend Part 2: Victoria Memorial

One of the sites we saw this weekend was the Victoria memorial.  The locals say that it is the British Taj Mahal.  It was built after Queen Victoria’s death to commemorate her.


Mikimasa, Tiago, Jill, Flavio and me in front of the memorial



Lion at the gate


Statue of Queen Victoria

Statue of Queen Victoria

The memorial is currently a museum. Some paintings of note include those by Thomas Daniell and his nephew William. They came to India looking for wealthy patrons and in search of the exotic.  Their paintings of India had a profound impact on the British elite. To learn more, check out

The memorial is about a 10 min walk from our hotel and I can see it from the roof at ONergy.  The gardens are quite lovely and I am sure it will be one of the places I remember long after we are back home.

One humorous note was that several groups of people asked to pose with us! We originally thought they wanted us to take their picture with their camera so they could have a group photo.. but in fact, it was really that they wanted to pose with us.  Pretty funny. The men in our group were an especially popular tourist attraction!

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One thought on “Touristy Weekend Part 2: Victoria Memorial

  1. leilaj

    Hi Daina, it’s so cool to read your blog…I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it and having such interesting experiences!


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