Touristy Weekend : B.B.D Bagh area of Kolkata

Today, we went to the B.B. D Bagh area, formerly known as Dalhousie Square in Kolkata. B.B.D. stands for three young Indian independence activists – Benoy, Badal and Dinesh, who on December 8, 1930 shot and killed the Inspector General of Prisons, N.S. Simpson, in the balconies of Writers’ building of the then Dalhousie square.

In present day India, it is the seat of power in the state government and has many important businesses and banks The buildings were built by the British and are quite ornate, large and grand.
Many of the buildings are red, our guide told us that this is because of the long communist rule in West Bengal. However, the new prime minister is not communist and had an initiative to paint the fences, light poles, etc from red to blue and white.

There are too many beautiful buildings to include them all, so here is a small sampling

Governor's residence (Raj Bhavan) with Fides

Governor’s residence (Raj Bhavan) with Fides

Writers Building

Writers Building

Light Pole Painter in BBD Bagh area

Light Pole Painter in BBD Bagh area

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