First Day of Work at ONergy

Whew. Today was a whirlwind of interesting information!

We spent the day at ONergy. They graciously set aside an area for us to use and let us take over their conference room for most of the day to talk to various people who work there. The day started with a nice overview of ONergy and its history. Then, we started talking to individual leaders about their processes and painpoints. We learned about inventory,  quality testing, and finance processes. We even had a chance to visit their new warehouse site in Howrah.  Everyone was very kind and patient with all of our questions. They also brought us very delicious chai tea. ; )

One touristy highpoint was that we were able to take an Ambassador cab out to the new ONergy warehouse. in Howrah. We crossed the  Vidyasagar Setu bridge ( and got to see the Hoogly river as well as wonderful views from the bridge. I know my friends in America are wondering if I’d see any cows and… we did. For the first time, we saw cows walking in traffic.

Our entire CSC team went to dinner at Kewpies and had traditional Bengali food. We ordered various Thalas, which are platters with lots of smallish samples of food. Some favorites  were the Bekti Paturi (or fish in banana leaf) and the Misti Doi (yogurt sweeted with charred sugar). Our least favorite part of the evening was the digestive… a leaf that was filled with some spices and seeds. It was pretty funny to watch our faces as we all started chewing it… they went from joy to confusion. I guess we are not completely Bengali yet ; )

Sadly, the temperature is rising. It was 91 today (though it felt cooler). Also, it was the first day of smog and mosquitoes.. so it seems as though the weather that we were warned about is starting. We’ve been spoiled so far!

Tomorrow we are going out to the rural areas to see a regional ONergy center and some installations. Should be very interesting.

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One thought on “First Day of Work at ONergy

  1. Joyce Wickham

    Daina, Keep ’em coming! Wonderful travelogue and interesting to read about your experiences.
    Looking forward to seeing Brian and the boys this coming week……loved their cards!
    Take care. love, Joyce


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