Wonderful day in Kolkata

Sigh… today was truly wonderful.

Our whole team has arrived in Kolkata and its been a pleasure getting to know them.  We started the day with a round table meeting: everyone took a turn telling their own history. People were very open about sharing both professional and personal experiences. I don’t think I’ve ever learned so much about people in such a short time.  We have quite the group of amazing people assembled here.  ; )

 After dinner, we all went to the Kaii temple. Kali is the patron goddess of Kolkata. The temple is several hundred years old and is very unlike what I expected. The temple area was full of light- light from the temple, lights from the street vendors- which gave it a magical quality. It has a large dome that is lit up with spotlights that change color and is surrounded by a series of small courtyards. Each courtyard area is devoted to a different task. One courtyard is the site of daily goat sacrifices. The goat is then cooked and used to feed the poor.  Another contains a fertility tree and you can go in and receive blessings for yourself and your family (for a fee). It was a very unique experience to get the blessings and I found myself very teary-eyed during the exchange of flowers and having a colored string tied around my wrist. The area is busy, but I felt a sense of calm not chaos being there. 


Tomorrow our adventure continues as we will meet with our clients for the first time. 

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2 thoughts on “Wonderful day in Kolkata

  1. Frank Eldredge

    Add me to your list of followers! I’m enjoying the vicarious experience of your amazing adventure. Enjoy, and be careful about crossing the street!


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