I made it to Dubai ; )

I had really dreaded the flight ahead of time. I thought that maybe my doubts about this whole experience would rise up and that I would feel very lonely thinking about how I wouldn’t see my family for over a month.

Much to my surprise, the flight was wonderful and relaxing! Emirates does a lot of very nice things, for example when its time for people to sleep they dim the lights and the ceiling has tiny pinholes of light showing– it looks just like stars.  The UXer is me also noticed some great interface features on their individual screens– 1. you can start, stop, pause and fast forward any movies you choose to watch and 2. they have the current time and the time left until your destination available in a very thin status line at the top of the screen.. so if you are ever curious and cannot sleep, you can see how much time is left without disturbing your other tv watching. Plus, I had some ideas (during the flight) for how some of the new IBM Design Thinking approach would apply to the CSC project ; )

My hotel in Dubai was beautiful and very comfy. I had a great view of the downtown area.

View from the window seat in my room

View from the window seat in my room

One tip for American travelers, you need to insert your hotel key into a slot in order to turn on the electricity for the room. That took me a few minutes to figure out ; (


Jocelyn another CSC teammate met up with me in the evening. It was great to meet her in person finally! She is just as nice in person as on the phone! Plus, we got to see a bit of Dubai before heading back to the airport. We saw the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world). We also walked around the mall. The people watching alone was amazing. There were many traditionally dressed arabs (with the men wearing white tunics and headdress and the women wearing black burkas and flowing robes). There were also very modernly dressed women and men who looked just as if they had come off of the runway in Europe. The mall was filled with children, even at 11 pm! .We didn’t really shop, but we walked by the ice rink, the indoor waterfall, and the aquarium.

Here is a picture of me by the indoor waterfall..


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